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Metal Craft: Art Is The Language Of God-Speak Your Tone

Art is the language of God-Speak your tone 2Art can be in any form. But no matter in which forms it must be expressive and close to nature and creation. God has created everything and has given people abilities to create as well. It is at that time when you use your creative skills you show your real color to a maximum of your creative potential. The attraction of making one thing stunning out of a discarded one attracts several amateur and skilled artisans to the craft of metal art. Windmills made of tin cans, artificial trees made of steel wire, and even angels created out of previous automotive engine components are just some of the inventive potentialities.

Many hobbyists would consult with this kind of art as scrap metal art, junk art, or perhaps recycling art. No matter how you take it and also does not matter that what is your talent level this ways of creating impression on artistic ground just needs uniqueness and imagination blend. Some of the raw materials and a couple of techniques for manipulating the metals and you will be able to make wonderful jewelry, wall hangings, sculptures and many other possibilities with just a basic knowledge of the thing.

Use metal of your own choice:

Use metal of your own choice 2For a starter into this art of creation and recreation, a visit to the local junk yard can possibly give you enough raw materials. Explore for things that are useful and you can take them home as well. You should keep this thing in mind that the pieces of scrap that you take home are not rusty and clean in nature so you have to search for them properly. The light weight, thinner and softer the metal it would be easy for you to use in Recycled Art. In this art nothing is waste. You can use any sort of metal like – copper, brass, steel, aluminum, iron, and most definitely gold and silver. Several artisans mix wood into their artistic work to feature a natural look into the products. It is easy to accumulate a lot of raw materials than necessary for the project, thus it is best trying to find materials with a transparent face being a top product. The color of the metal isn’t vital at this stage. Special paints are often applied and baked on later.

Metal reshaping Techniques:

The metal crafts that most of the artists made using welding techniques and chopping techniques are used in the metal art that is used in Sci-Fi Art. Whereas a novice might not have the ambition to get acquaintance to such skills that can be very easily learn like using a soldering tool or a metal grinder. Most newcomers trust merely on hand shaping their items along with adding certain nuts and bolts here and there.

Show your artistic metal thing:

Show your artistic metal thing 3Metal casting is a complicated, and slightly risky, technique that’s well liked at intervals in there crude form as well as advance form like a Movie Art. With metal casting, you can create a piece of art the way you like it be made from different constituents. For any metal art preparation heating of the metal to mold it into different shapes is the most important thing. In doing so, the end result may be a dead solid work of art. You always enjoy what you do by heart and that is the reason the people who like to do metal art are always in a search of scrap and other metal pieces that can be useful for them in making master pieces of the metal art.

Art is the language of God. Everything artistic is something saying words of God. Speak out n loud and show the world the God has inculcated in you.

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Recycled Art: Decorate Your Christmas Party With Metal Art Decorator Essentials

Decorate your Christmas party with metal art2Christmas is not just a religious event but it is indeed a special season having many extraordinary festivities induced in it. The Christmas holidays give us a chance to enjoy the whole years that is passing along with celebrating the arrival of the New Year. This is a fact that is the Christmas day we like to live to our full potentials like enjoying the cold, snow fall, skating and setting out after evening along with having parties all the time during days and nights. Aren’t we? Parties add up to the Christmas celebrations a lot. That is the reason that we all use different ways to celebrate our parties and be different.

It totally depends upon you that in how many innovative and new ways you use to decorate your parties. Scrap art and metal art is considered as one of the most innovative and eye catching art of our time. Art from scrap and used metal part and article is really a very fine form or art. It is up to you how you use your aesthetic sense and decorative skill to make your party worth admiring.

Be artistic-let others praise your art:

Be artistic-let others praise your art3Metal Crafts have always an exquisite look as they are different, eye catching and smart party decoration tools. What art are you going to display? This is your art of decorating things that will make other praise your party decorating techniques and will also follow the trend set by you. You can use different used metal articles to make your own metal decorating crafts in your parties and can give them a feel of being artistically designed and decorated in many ways, old and new. You can decorate them with metal lightening Christmas tree and a metallic Santa Claus.


Gift metallic pieces of art to your kids:

Gift metallic pieces of art to your kids4You must have heard of star wars? If not ask your kids, they will surely explain you in detail. Kids tend to be more knowledgeable in this field then their elders. On the Christmas Eve you can gift your kids with Star Wars Art metal characters to enrich their Christmas celebrations. You can get them a silver lined designed Doctor Evazan or a General Medine metallic statue. This will surely make their day a memorable day and will give them a reason to enjoy their day in a way different way from the others.


Glorify your day-Don’t be dull:

Gift metallic pieces of art to your kids3It’s better to be dead then to be out of fashion. You can be the trend setter. People will follow you if you give them something new and extraordinary to follow. Sci-Fi Art is something that is extraordinary. Art that is based on science fiction has a great depth in it and you can make many new designs using this technique to illustrate the covenant of Jesus and Mary. This will make your Christmas very informative as well as colorful and will get you a lot of praises from others.

Now what are you going to do? Are you going to make you special day more special? Yeah definitely it is a very good idea to decorate your party with metal decorators. This will bring your party to the limelight and people will also start decorating their days and night will metallic lightening Christmas tree or a smiling silver Santa Claus. So decorate you event with this great cool idea and have fun.

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Scrap Metal Art: What’s The Arts And How It’s Related To Scrap Metal Art?

What’s The Arts and how it’s related To Scrap Metal Art‘What is arts, the fine arts, decorative arts, performing arts etc’, almost all of us get confused somewhere while talking about arts and its applications. People wonder if it’s making sculptures and painting pictures or it is even constructing buildings or it’s making films and movies.

Well, Encyclopedia Britannica Online describes art as ‘use of creative imagination and skills in producing aesthetically pleasing objects, environments and experiences which can be shared with others’. Keeping this definition in view, it’s obvious that practical considerations of arts are of least concerns to artists and their only purpose is to bring out aesthetic pleasure.

This definition mainly focuses on visual arts such as paintings, sculptures and photography etc. From this definition, we see that this art has been around as early as human kind.

Let’s Know Art Once For All:

Let’s Know Art Once For All 2For interested readers, I guess it’s wise to write couple of more lines about ‘the arts’. For understanding better, just picture life without any colors, music, poetry, paintings, buildings, languages and designs. Yes, these all are forms of the arts, in one way or other. The Arts is split into three different classes; Visual Arts, Auditory Arts and Performance Arts. This all types can come together as well.

Visual Arts, as name implies, is the creations which we can see, look and watch. It’s oldest form of arts. Egyptians used paintings and sculpting everything about their life and religions. Greeks on the other hand, took art of sculpting to the new levels of perfection. Romans relished their artistry in drawings and paintings mostly.

Modern artists use computer programs and machine oriented environments to make beautiful ‘creations’.

‘Arts’ and its essentials:

‘Arts’ and its essentials3So far we have discussed arts as ‘aesthetically pleasing creations’. So, if you create a beautiful and details rich drawing through latest graphic designing program, would that still be ‘art’?

According to definition, every creative thing that is aesthetically pleasing, regardless of its creation process is an art, though the most commendable creations are those which are hand crafted. Like contemporary hand crafted sculptures relating movie art or sci-fi art are superior forms of art. Similarly, hand drawn paintings still outgun quickly all other computer generated paintings.

In hand made objects, artists try to achieve perfection under inherent limitations. Things normally done by machines become wonderful miracles when performed manually and this ‘manual labor’ is what makes hand crafted creations masterpieces.

Sculptures and Arts:

Sculptures and Arts2Historically art of sculpturing is as old as are human beings. Woods, metals and stones were commonly used materials for making sculptures. Artists used to make sculptures of their deities, their kings, their ancestors and like that. Though wooden sculptures have largely been disappeared but stone and metallic sculptures have successfully made their ways to our age.

Contemporary artists have given new life to this centuries old art. Sculptures made today barely belong to any deities or gods and they aren’t even used in any rituals anymore. Sole purpose of making them is to satisfy their artistic instincts and delight observers’ aesthetics. Inspiration largely follows Movie Art and sci-fi art and literature.

Combined with ego friendly movements and Avant grade impressions in arts and literature, artists are ensuing scrap metals to make Art From Scrap.

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Christmas Decorations – Set The Tone And Pace For Your Christmas Party With Stunning Metal Craft Decors

Stunning Metal Craft Decors4Christmas is not just a sacred event; it’s a season for special reasons. Friends and family gather around to make prayers, pass gifts, eat foods and make merriment. Decorating home interiors with flowers and lighting becomes job of the weeks and then passing cute and beautiful gifts is another story.

How are you looking forward to enjoy this Christmas? It’s a great opportunity to have all friends and family dine together under a roof. There are endless games, resolutions, foods to make Christmas memorable. So, if you a list of people for inviting in Christmas party, let’s add fun to it with following activities.

Home Decorations:

Room Decoration For chrismasWhat does first come in mind when we talk about Christmas home decoration? ‘Christmas Tree’, this is it. So, let’s do it in different way. It’s about Holiday decoration with little out-of-box thinking and improvising with metal crafts.

Though traditional beaded ornaments, tree toppings, ribbons, garlands are great for decorating Holiday tree, but we can do it all with modern scrap metal art. These Metal crafts would not only be true decorative, they will also be instrumental in earning instantaneous ‘wow’ from the guests.

Following is an example of glamorous golden Christmas tree. The height of craftsmanship can be felt through embellished garlands and beaded ornaments made out of metal crafts. This entire Christmas tree has scrap metal structure which means it won’t wither away a week after holiday season. It’s ever green and could be used for all the Christmases to come in life. Did you notice stars at the top and golden apples all around the tree? This is what metal crafts stand for.

Room Decorations For Christmas:

Like Christmas tree, dressing each room with certain Christmas objects and fascinating festive decorations needs some extra hours of effort and improvisation.

Home Decorations5 copyMost of the times, we buy decorations that become useless as soon as Holiday season passes off. So, why not get decorate with objects and things that won’t lose their importance and luster throughout the year? It’s wise and would pay off in the long run.

I am a big fan of recycled art and love its sub domain that is sci-fi art. sci-fi art is all about using metal junk to make surreal objects often related to science fiction. And the best thing about it is it doesn’t hurt ego, instead it beautifies it and guarantees its health.

You can go for traditional scientific characters of Movie Art or even have your own custom made objects. Possibilities are endless as long as you are imaginative and intelligent to use these objects cleverly. Important thing to note is the size of these decorative. If you have large furniture articles, it’s wise to have decorations in bigger size so as to make setting harmonious. Bigger objects surrounded by small sized furniture look odd and dis-proportioned.

No Guts No Glory:

Environment set the pace and tone of event and there is little doubt in that lot of interesting things would just fail you if surroundings aren’t good. So, don’t lose a thing in a book.

So, pay special care to decorating your home where all fun is going to be unleashed. Get the space where people can easily sit and dine and eat and dance. Because this is what we know for Holiday Season.

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I Buy Things, Only to Put Them in Junk Yard – Is There Any Better Use of Them

2 Only to Put Them in Junk Yard

‘In 1997, I got my first computer. I have always been a big fan of video game and movies so I used my computer mainly for playing video games. After sometimes, I needed a sound system so that I could watch my favorite movies and play favorite songs in my room’, my friend was telling me. He continued, ‘but, couple of years later, my computer and its accessories started looking too slow to operate and enjoy. So, I bought new computer. It’s now 2012 and I buy a new computer every 2 years’. He ended up saying, ‘I wonder why my things become junk too quickly’? My story with my mobile companionship was almost similar to my friend’s. Every second year, I replaced my mobile phone with the then latest one.

Dilemma of Our Lives – We are intolerant for Old Things:

12We are intolerant for Old ThingsWe buy the things very passionately and when this passion drains down, those purchased items start looking like a total waste and junk.

I guess everybody around the world is doing same; buying new and throwing old out. Some buy furniture every 2 years and others buy vehicles. For some things such as dresses and clothes, I know, we can’t help buying new ones. But for others, I am confused why we all are doing this. I have decided to not to throw away my old things. Though I am not any artist, yet I am great collector of art from scrap relating to sci-fi art or even
Movie Art.

Anyhow, thanks to recycled art that is creating balance between old and new. I am surprised with the height of creativity and inventiveness involved in Recycled Art and I wonder how these artists make so beautiful and unmistakably original pieces of art from scrap.

My Aunt and Her Views about Art:

11Views about ArtI went to my aunt’s home who is really very refined in her taste for art collection. I don’t really know what exact definition of art is, but I like the way my aunt explained it to me. She said, ‘this world in itself is an art and everything in it is an example of art and the best art lies in things that are aesthetically pleasing’. She told me another thing, ‘the older the piece of art, the higher the value it has’. I don’t understand it even, but I like to see old things with more interest.

So, from that day, I always go for an art piece that catches me with its creativity. Following are my inspirations and I love to decorate my interiors and exteriors with these sci-fi art and movie art objects.

My Home – Scrap Metal Museum:

5My Home – Scrap Metal MuseumFrom front door to backyard of my home, I have decorated my whole house with scrap metal art. In my garden I have flowers and animals made of scrap metals, while in my porch I have bikes and tractors. In my home, I have tables and chairs made out of art from scrap. My stairs are decorated with photo frames and ceilings are decorated with pendants. In fact no part of my home goes without these objects of art.

Always unique and beautiful, these articles are really enough to impress any visitors in home. They look them and appreciate the ingenuity required to make them.

Have you ever tried to decorate your home with these genuine beauties?

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Small House? Let’s Make it Look Beautiful and Bigger

There are not much super-sized houses or apartments to live in. Most of us have to live in small spaces where many hours are spent contemplating different ways we could make our smaller spaces seemed bigger. Usually we think to open up walls, add windows, and dump things down so that use of space may be maximized.

It’s about remodeling our homes. Something like, living more in lesser space! And good thing is that it’s always possible to do so. If available space is used smartly, even a small room can appear visually large and comfortable. And if by any means, you are expert with Recycled Art and have inspiration for Metal crafts, you are sure to have the best out of your living house.

Live Large in Smaller Spaces:

How can we make our room bigger? Perhaps, we should break down the walls separating two adjacent rooms and turn those rooms into one bigger room. And perhaps, we should also dump every useless thing out of the door and things of some use be hidden out of sight. Ok. Lesser furniture would make apartment look large and all white color pallet too would flesh out the available space.

All things mentioned above, with an exception of one, don’t help at all and just waste of time, energy and of course money. Intelligently coupling of furnishes and trappings and smart selection of color schemes can create fetching space with flair.
Let’s start remodeling with color rules.

Color Rules:

In fact there are no color rules. Just make sure that you choose very clear and sharp clears. Such colors increase the openness and clarity of the available space. A different dark color on one wall also makes it recede and expand smaller space visually. Contrasting dark colors over your furnishings and trappings will increase depth and detail in your room.

Slim, airy and open Furniture Articles

Keep your furnishings slim and smart. A bulky bed room in a small room gives no breath and sleep, but only nightmares. Choose small-scale articles of furniture; armless chairs, armless sofas are less bulky and allow more people to sit in. Besides while choosing your stylish furniture articles, don’t think square as such furniture makes corners useless. There are metal craft artists who can make any type of metal recycled art from things that have caught up all your space.

These crafts may include little wire rolling carts, hooks and lamp tables, ottomans e, vertical tiered wire storages etc. The key here is to keep these articles as much airy as possible so that they take little floor space. This way, these articles won’t visually weigh heavy. And the other thing is they must be multi-functional.

General Tips:

Besides these tricks, follow these general tips.

    1- Bumped out windows and doors opening outward are great way to enlarge the available space in any room.
    2- Use mirrors intelligently. Set them in a way they reflect open and bright images and not the clattered corners etc.
    3- Use nooks and crannies and staircase built-ins. This will allow you to use waste space properly.
    4- Remove the walls that don’t bear any loads. This will help erasing impressions of closed in box and open things up.
    5- And last but not the least, be stylish. By this, I mean follow a set of theme. For example if you are fan of  sci-fi art, use your color decors and furniture that comes from your favorite sci-fi movie.

If you too are living in small room, it’s a confession time! You must have shown some great intelligence to maximize the use of your little available living space. Share your ideas and experiences with us.

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Modern Age and Modern Hobbies – Start Collecting Your Favorite Scrape Metal Art Pieces

Metal Sculptures – What are metal sculptures? Em… Well! Metal sculptures are nothing but lined drawings in 3 dimensional forms. Metal sculptures can be many things. They can be dynamic; they can move and they can interact. They can whatever your imagination wants them to be. They can be Church buildings and they can also be Christmas trees. They can be trains and planes and, they can also be passengers. They can be anything and they can be everything.

Am I Scrap Metal Artist?

Have you seen any potters doing clayware? They make things out of clay. And what they can make from clay? Everything that can be imagined. How do they do it? Wet clay is used to form the desired object and then this wet object is put into any furnace until it hardens and strengthens.

Scrap metal artists also do the same. How? They too make things. The only difference is that scrap metal artists, as the name implies, use metals for making objects of their interest. They use these deserted and dejected shapes to form a fresh shape—known as scrap metal art. Nuts, bolts, screws, washers, keys, sprockets, chains, gears etc. are common elements of any art from scrap. These pieces are blended and welded together in such uniformity that ‘WOW’ becomes irresistible.

You might have realized that you too have heaps of scrap metal around you such as broken watches, engine spare parts, outdated motherboards and hard disks etc. Well, don’t throw them away. Use them for recycled art. What you need is just little creativity and some tools.

Sci-fi Movie Monsters:

Though scrap metal art allows you to make whatever you imaginations want yet most of the inspiration comes through sci-fi movies. Sci-fi movies are biggest source of inspiration for scrap metal artists as these movies provide with plenty of metallic characters. And more interestingly, these characters carry so much details with them that one wonders whether they are metals or real alive characters. Sci-fi art is all about making these characters through scrap metals.

Let’s have a look at Terminator Statue. Its 7.5 feet tall sculpture with 5 main parts namely head, torso, 2 arms and legs. All pieces are can easily be joined with one another allowing you to move it from one place to the other without needing any tools. Though it’s merely a sculpture yet it inspires the same awe and fear as in movies.

Likewise, Star wars Art is quite celebrated among scrap metal artists. These artists aren’t letting epic star wars fade from memories. Characters from Darth Vader to R2D2 and C3PO are still alive through this art. The best thing about these star wars characters is that they are not as huge as they were in movie. They are smaller, they are beautiful and they are interactive. By seeing these sculptures you will realize that turning your drawing room into one of star war’s galaxies won’t be a bad idea at all.

Recycled art and you:

Art stays one step ahead of its contemporary sciences. Just as people have habit of collecting stamps, collecting books, collecting stones, increasing number of people are growing habit of collecting recycled art pieces. With these articles, they decorate their gardens, their restaurants, their games houses and even their drawing rooms.

What would you like to have in your drawing rooms or gaming rooms? Terminator Statue or Star wars army?

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Metal Craft Heroes Always Saving Against Odds

The history of Science Fiction Movies Genre is same old as motion picture industry, but it’s first solid footprints were not felt any sooner than 2nd half of last century when mankind had already witnessed the powers of science through atomic bombs and flying rockets. UFOs, aliens, robots, Terminators, Predators, Iron Man and avengers and Wall-E etc. are some of direct creations of Science Fiction.

Talking about them is really interesting in many ways. At times they themselves are threat to mankind’s survival and at other times they are the defenders of mankind against other odds. Nevertheless, movies based on their theme are a great success and people love them watching them around in their real lives. Interestingly, recycled art has allowed us a chance to have them literally around us in our real lives.

Star Wars Legacy and Recycled Art:

Last quarter of 20th century is quite notable in terms of movie art because it gave birth to the characters big enough to forget even in next century. Characters such as Darth Vader, Boba Fett, C3PO, R2D2 and Battle Droid are some of those characters who still haunt our memories. Their dialogues have reached the status of maxims and quotes. All their action was propagated through their immaculate robotic presentations.

Though George Lucas has retired this year, he has left behind the legacy of artists who make these characters for those who have fascination for them. Star wars Art is a discipline in Recycled Art where artists use scrap metal to make characters mentioned above. Though these star wars sculptures are made of scrap metal, yet they have all those features and details peculiar to their original versions. They are tall, they are detailed, they carry their weaponry and more importantly, they are harmless. You won’t be hearing Boba Fett saying, ‘Maybe I had grown up a nice guy if Jedi hadn’t beheaded my father in front of my eyes’ or nor Darth Vader will find your faith disturbing.

Terminator Sculptures: ‘I will be back’

It was 1987, when we first heard T-800 in Los Angeles Police Station saying, ‘I’ll be back’. And after two and half decades, we aren’t sure when Terminator gets back to screens. Well, Terminator series is one of world’s biggest movie successes. Everyone keeps Terminator DVD in his laptops and computers and many of the fans still love Terminator posters hanging in their rooms. But, what about having terminator statue in real form?

Terminator will surely be aware of recycled art and had belief in it that one day when he will not be appearing in movies, he will be practically present in our homes and gardens and study rooms. He is back for never leaving us away. These metal crafts cannot help us from odds as they do in movies but they surely tell us how to react to those odds. An inspiration for science and promise for future, this is what these terminator sculptures are all about.

Wall-E and Recycling:

Snow capped mountains replaced by glutting mountains of trash and life-blessing rains replaced by breath sucking sandstorms and torrential downpours! Yes, based on aftermaths of mass consumerism, Wall-E is a latest commentary over modern life styles. Before we talk about it, you must watch it first.

Scrap metal art allows us to have our favorite characters around us and know that ‘More litter is making our lives bitter’.

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Metals– From Heap of Trash to Joys of Treasure

What images arise when someone calls word ‘metal’? Coins, weapons, machines, ornaments, scrap, vehicles and etc! And periodic table of elements for those of students! Well, undoubtedly, for thousands of years, metals have been living with us in their various forms and shapes. Traders and merchants loved them for their currency value in the form of coins. Militaries craved for them to use as means of warfare. Women fancied metals in the forms of ornaments and jewels.

Metal and Metal Crafts:

Malleability is an inherent characteristic of metals allowing metals to be worked, hammered and shaped without breaking. Likewise, ductility allows metals to be stretched and twisted in the form of wires. As a result of malleability and ductility, number of metal crafts around us cannot be numbered. From food canes to heavy industrial machines and from war tanks to flying rockets, all are favors by metals.

To artists relating to all fields, metals hold special reverence as these metals have always helped them shaping and framing their artistry through them. Robotic terminators, predators, aliens and their weaponry are examples metals usage in modern movie art and sci-fi art. With increasing popularity of such characters, a new era of science and literature has begun. But, for the sake of our earth and environment, recycled art should be focused more and more.

Metals vs Environment:

As soon as world entered an age of industrialism, metals’ usage increased by nth times and this huge demand led to mass production of metals through metallurgy. For almost 2 centuries (apparently) things kept going quite smoothly and metals in various forms, infused in all our offices, houses, play grounds, hospitals, science laboratories, battle grounds and peace temples.

To keep up with demand, metallurgy was encouraged more and more until 2nd half of last century when men realized that we have imbalanced the environmental equilibrium. For not only the environment, the very life of man has been hit hard by them. For instance, heavy metals ions are enough to cause cancer, organ diseases, nervous damage, and at most, death. And since then, environment has become the prime focus of politicians and social environmentalists.

Metals and Modern Arts:

Metals bear great potentials of artistic adventurism. But scrap metals are twice admirable for their artistic rashness. The dumped vehicles, worn out home machines, out dated industrial machines are the biggest source of scrap. But all this scrap does not reach wreck yards and furnaces and reused in some other forms.

Recycling is a process of employing already existing things for other uses and applications. So when these articles are abandoned by us as an acute form of junk, litter and waste, scrap artists pick them up from vendors and start turning them into arts crafts. In modern movies, robotic characters are quite common. So, making scrap sculptures of these characters is a best use for the metals lying in junk yards.

These terminators, predators, Spartans, transformers, scorpions, motor cycles and furniture made out of scrap metals are worth thousand dollars. They teach the humanity the lesson of being beautiful, profitable and eco-friendly. Besides, these metal crafts and scrap sculptures carry a strange sense of beauty that draws everybody towards it. The beauty lies in the process of transformation that is how a heap of junk and trash is converted into a piece of art which is worth treasuring.

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Terminators, Aliens, Transformers, Predators || From Fantasies to Facts

Gardens turned into star wars ordeal, study rooms shaped into Skynet’s terminators and sitting lounge furnished with furniture made out of roasted metals! This is what a sci-fi fan is surrounded with all the time. Sci-fi art coupled with recycled art is a unique blend of two extremes.

Recycled art propagates essence of transmigration. It tells that there is always a better use for things that have been discarded and abandoned as litter, waste, junk and scrap. And when things can be used again and again, in one form or another, there comes reason for the future. And what future will be like? Watch movie art. Sci-fi art becomes the liaison to the future and predicts how it would be or could be.

Science fiction versus Physical Sciences:

A lot of people are confused about sci-fi movies and literature. They tend to take it as practically nonsensical and claim the characters and events to be far removed from reality. How can an air craft kiss the face of sun whose rays are powerful enough to melt the rocks from the farthest distances? How can machines run mankind into slavery when their own existence rests at our disposal? How can we move faster than light when ‘special theory of relatively’ tells it’s practically impossible to move faster than light?

In short, to arguers, science fiction is nowhere close to physical sciences and thus, has no importance in our lives. And frankly speaking, I don’t have any bones to pick with them over their statement. But, Science fiction never aims at following establishes rules, theories and facts of science. It’s ironic to expect ‘fiction’ obeying physical rules of world. Fiction in its very nature needs to be imaginative and needs not necessarily be based on facts. Once this difference is understood and accepted, science fiction will ultimately start impressing upon hearts and minds.

Future shown today:

‘Science is what you know of today and science fiction is what you should know of tomorrow. Physical science deals with the facts but facts formulation carries a comprehensive process of hypothesizing and experimenting before forming conclusive facts. And based on these facts, relevant technologies are developed and, these technologies ultimately define the course of future.

Science fiction moves on other grounds; imaginative and artistic realms of mind. And once ideas propagated in
movie art find potentials, scientists gear themselves up to bring it into reality. For instance, Jonathan Swift, couple of centuries ago, was first to introduce flying machines in his ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ and when readers first read it, they called it impossible to have them around. But, now the air traffic is jam pack with all types of aircrafts. So, the fantasies of past have become realities of present. Under same wings, today’s fantasies will become future’s commonplace realities.

Recycled Art and Sci-fi Characters:

In our times when environment is the pressing issue everywhere, recycled art promises the survival. And scrap metal artists are the ones who not only show their passion for bringing life to the dead but by making sci-fi characters, they unwind the relations among all; past, present and future.
For those who know how science works on the basis of sci-fi art, there would be no surprises for them when they see terminators doing their dishes and aliens doing office works with them in their offices in future. Because, sooner or later, fantasies are sure to become facts.

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