Go and make something

The world is ancient, perhaps billions of years or even beyond. It was never same as we see it today. It passed through various ages; ages such as Stone Age, ice age, bronze age etc. And during this entire journey through time, only one creature in this world had learnt the art of learning and adapting.

Earliest of men lived in caves and used fire to cook food only. Now men live in high-risen steel buildings and use fire to mould metals and reach skies. It’s the change that never occurred overnight. Men created things, they discovered things, they invented things and at times they created things out of thin air.

Things through thin air v/s things through recycled art:

Magicians of the past used to read their secret and hard earned magic codes so that they could perform magic for their audience. Regardless of magic’s authenticity, magicians’ performances often led to thrilling sway among audiences. Though their performances often raised huge applause from audience yet they bore no fruit for mankind. Their magic couldn’t alleviate man’s miseries. Their magic didn’t provide sustenance to earth.

Today’s roaring art is Recycled Art which promises new life to our dear planet. The earth whose womb has suffered from so much waste during last couple of industrious centuries, now needs rehabilitation. Though mobilization and mechanization helped us living an easier life but in turn we have lost the balance of life on earth. Tons of wastes, toxics, bi-products of this mechanization will soon lead us to catastrophe where we all must pay for our negligence.

There is garbage, junk and scrap all around. Use it to make something before it becomes potential threat to our planet.

Art from Scrap:

If you have creative instincts, without second thoughts, you are good to save earth from destruction. Play your part efficiently. From this scrap, make things that interest you. You can make almost everything from scrap. You can take inspiration from Movie Art, star wars art etc. And if your imagination kindles at the thoughts of Egyptian monolithic sculptures, you can make them as well.

You can follow the procedure below to make your ideal art piece.

Brainstorming and Analyzing:

The first and best thing needed for an excellent art work is proper research of the subject. There might be various attractions and inspirations for you but you must go for the one that suits your resources. In other words, you should go with the subject that involves most common shapes so that you might easily find the scrap fit to those shapes.

Gather Scrap required to construct the work:

You must know each shape is made up from some sort of basic shapes such as circle, triangle, rectangle etc. When you draw the model of your subject, you will find so many shapes in it and for these shapes, you will have to find scrap accordingly. This scrap could be found from anywhere, from junk yards to wreck-yards.

Welding and Molding:

When all the required metals are collected, it’s time to do some fire work. Weld different pieces of metals into proper shapes and get them well set. This work needs some expertise and of course involves some risks too. So it is advisable to get precautionary measures well before work.

Refining and finishing:

Art from Scrap is really fascinating. When the whole structure is built and erected, it needs final retouching work. If there are any sharp edges they must be shaved plane. After that, coating and painting could be done so that your work becomes an art.

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